You are looking at the "launch pad" of Bravo Company 28, a club of casual gamers with regular players in multiple time zones. This is a simple site to link to all that the club does. There are scheduled games formed for signing-up to play on, videos and live feeds on Twitch, pictures shared on Instagram, more videos posted on YouTube and most importanly the members on our Discord server.

All our communication is through Discord, we love to talk and post. The club consists of very friendly and helpful people. You'll learn the games we play, get help and have a steady and consistent group of players to CoOp with. Newer games are building in challenges where a group can only consistenly win if they communicate and know each other very well. You'll find that with us. You will also find that you have made friends in several places around the world (helping mankind to reduce the 7 levels of separation).

Everything is free but the games.

Join us on, Discord, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram. Then locate our members on Uplay, Steam and Origin to send us those friend requests.