The year of 2016 has passed and it has seen the birth of our community on The100. A group of agents working together to save Manhattan, fighting side-by-side against the pandemic and those who use it to cause harm. With the level of violence now decreasing, less agents are required to save Manhattan and we are diversifying the mission of Bravo Company 28 (BC28).

We have seen that some of our members went into the trenches of WW1 (Battlefield 1), found a place amongst a group of heroes (Overwatch) or even taken part in armored warfare (World of Tanks).

To enable you to battle with BC28 members, we’ve extended the portfolio of group games on The100 to include several more games. Click games to see what our group currently plays. We’re working with the operators of The100 to include new games as well.

Bravo Company 28 is a community of like-minded gamers, no longer just a group of people playing The Division. Tha average age of our members is just above 30 years old, we live in multiple time zones and we love to talk and share. We make use of Discord for all our communications and information sharing, free for all to join and participate.

We are now seeing members starting to organize games on the The100 and in our Discord #looking_for_group channel for games other than The Division. If you find a game we aren't playing, just mention it in the #future_games channel and someone will very likely buy it and join you. If you have any special requirements, please let us know!

World Clock

We are members of Bravo Company 28. We are a group of casual gamers with regular players in multiple time zones.

Regular play is normally from 5 PM to 5 AM GMT

Our average age is 31. Headsets and Microphones are strongly preferred. If that description sounds a lot like you, join us by hitting the button below:

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